cyber monday — suckers!

there was certainly a lot of press surrounding “cyber monday”. i saw it on the internet, read about it in the paper, and saw it on the tv. the thing is, it’s pure hype and fabrication and was invented a week and a half ago. man, the pressure to create pressure on consumers in this country is sometimes overwhelming.






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  1. Cyber Monday: The Results

    I’m kind of surprised how many folks out there are concocting conspiracy theories out of my article on how Cyber Monday isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Scott Silverman at, which came up with the term, called me…

  2. eric Avatar

    I don’t see how my post could be construed as conspiracy theory. I was quite amused to read your original article and discover that the day was really pure P.R. hype, and yet absolutely ubiquitously reported as being on a par with Black Friday.
    I don’t fault the folks at for doing their job. In fact, they did an unbelievable job of promoting the day in such a short time frame. Yours was the first article I had seen, amidst ubiquitous press saturation about the event, that actually REPORTED about it as opposed to regurgitating the original press release.

    (the columbia journalism review article did a much better job of commenting on your report than i did).

  3. halle Avatar

    Great post. So what did you buy online Monday, E?!?! I bought nothing and liked it. Aperture did arrive yesterday though and now I must buy a new desktop. I should have ponied up the dough and bought a better video card when I bought my iMac 6 months ago. Doh!

  4. eric Avatar

    yeah i bought some ADRX. not really a hugely compelling buy, but i felt like i had to buy SOMETHING.

  5. gimaha Avatar

    It’s a little late to get in on the Monday madness, however I’d like to get you and B. some flannel lined jean from LL Bean……please advise me on sizes.


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