the end of an era

until the next one at least. i just got back from the marina, and the boate is now officially under new ownership. the new owner, david, seems like a really cool guy who will take care of her and enjoy her as much as we all have (and he wants to keep the captain’s blogge going too, so we can continue to follow the story). i was having a LOT of second thoughts when i was filling out the paperwork. there will be other boats in my future, but i will not ever forget my “first love”.






5 responses to “the end of an era”

  1. Glenda Avatar

    I’m sorry to see The Boate go… I actually miss it already, thinking back on good times right now…

  2. eric Avatar

    yeah, me too.

  3. gimaha Avatar

    Ahhh………..I think that anyone who sailed on that good boate will miss her. I have to think that she will be in good hands, and that somewhere there is a new boate just waiting for the good Captain E and all of his friends.

  4. eric Avatar

    yeah, and the new boate is going to call some caribbean port home. sf bay = brrrrrrr.

  5. b Avatar

    Yeah, I miss it, too.

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