happy birthday mom

it’s my mom’s birthday. she must be out having a good time, because she still hasn’t returned my call to her cell from over 6.5 hours ago.






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  1. Glenda Avatar

    Gosh, that happens to me too. I always wonder where my mom is when this happens, and then the tables flip on ME! Then *I’m* the one that starts worrying. Shouldn’t my mom be watching stuff on ABC Primetime during the weekdays and waiting for my sobby “I love you Mom” phone calls?

    I’m kidding, of course. 🙂 But, I hope your mom had a very happy birthday, Eric!

  2. gimaha Avatar

    Thanks for the good wishes. My B-day and most of the weekend found me on Coast Highways 1 and 101……Sometimes I find it safer not to answer my cell when the pedal is to the metal………I’m glad you caught me in Pebble Beach. It was a nice day……..as was most of the weekend. California is so so beautiful! We saw Jim Grant off in style. The Grants, Smiths, Trojaks, Kniers, Nicholas’ and Petersons send you their best regards. Sorry you couldn’t make it over to Half Moon Bay. Put X-mas in Ojai on your calendar now. Love, the Older and Wiser One

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