new song – 15 minutes on a train

there is something fairly cinematic about looking around a train at night in a thunderstorm with headphones on. especially when you are sitting next to some pretty stranger. i have been listening to quadrophenia lately again, and this is something of a response to the alienation and insanity of jimmy on the 5:15. so check it out. (i’m really not done with it, but for a night’s worth of work i think it shaped into something sort of cool. cool enough to put on the intarweb at least).







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  1. gimaha Avatar

    Nice one! Music to ride by……..sounds like a sound track. The Quadrophenia link was really interesting. I think I have listened to that music for years and years without understanding the bigger context. Just another indication of The Who’s complexity. Seems that Pete should have owned the Knobhill house rather than Keith. All that rain and rock symbolism.
    Still no reference to Jee’s blog for the suffering follow-up of the previous blog. She does a good job of synthesizing it.

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