scooter libby: pardon me

brad delong wrote a post yesterday with an interesting point. scooter libby is potentially in some serious trouble after friday’s indictments, and he must definitely be feeling the pressure (federal penitentiary for 30 years) to sing like a canary, unless of course it is his understanding that no matter what happens, the boss will step in with a presidential pardon. so the question becomes, at what level of discussion would the promise of a presidential pardon become construed as a conspiracy to obstruct justice? from the comments left on the post, i get the impression that it would be near impossible to prove or prosecute that case.
it will be interesting to see what happens in this case. once again, i would like to see a very bright light shone on these liars. hopefully something breaks in the investigation, so that these bastards can’t just continue to stay their course: lying and stonewalling and getting away with it.
here’s another take on the indictments, that posits that it’s a negotiation with scooter now.






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