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i heard the expression last week “open source widow” applied to girlfriends of open source geeks. i’m more like an open source insomniac. i will start some trivial project at 1 AM say, and before i know it, it’s getting light outside and birds are chirping in a disagreeably mocking tone. luckily it’s only 3 AM this time, and hopefully i can arrest this “signing up for more crap and downloading new apps” session right now and get into bed. once there though, i will probably read for another 45 minutes, to cool down and stop thinking about what loose ends i left on the computer, and how they need to be tied up in the morning. (i am finishing up joseph stiglitz’s roaring nineties. i recommend it).
tomorrow i need to meet up with the tasty real estate guys and shoot some video. it’s a project i started with a couple of my oldest friends, and i’m tired so i won’t say too much, but it stemmed from my staring at the real estate market, and then the business surrounding real estate transactions, and thinking that…here’s an industry in the midst of a monumental shift. maybe doing things differently would be cool. because that business is fast becoming an internet one (at least in part), and i think it is going to experience a lot of upheaval over the next few years. i like it when disruptive changes occur (in business at least).
i’ve also been building a thing using drupal that is another project i am working on with some people in LA. i’ll link to it when it is further along the line in development. it has the promise to be really cool, and i’m hoping it preserves enough of its disruptive roots as it progresses.
that, playing some halo 2, and practicing up to play a little song-and-dance set at steen’s bon voyage party over at minna next tuesday. i’m suddenly very tired. oh yeah, and i started another blog over at (so i could get the api key and install the akismet plugin for spam on this blog)






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  1. Chris Messina Avatar

    Hey Eric,

    How goes it? Heard you sold the boat! 🙁

    Guess you needed more time for teh code. Totally can relate.

    Anyway, very curious about your Drupal project. Care to share some details? I’ve got somethings up my sleeve and would like to stay up on indie Drupal development!

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