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i was talking with my friend kin, who works for UC Berkeley, about podcasting today, and he hipped me to webcasts.berkeley. i dropped the podcast for the “introduction to computers” class into itunes, and a lecture by one of my favorite philosophy profs, hubert dreyfus, popped up on the list. i took a few classes from him, and it was pretty cool to hear him talking about kierkegaard, nietzsche, heidegger, dostoevsky et. al. again. the title of the lecture is Nihilism and the Internet, and his insights about existentialism applied to tech are pretty interesting. i am running on only a few hours sleep today, and i got a little moment of deja vu from college as i caught myself starting to fade early on in the lecture. the difference these days is you can REWIND the lecture and pick up where you started to leave off.

i wonder if they let you wear an ipod during exams these days? that would be interesting. i think if i were my 18 year old self today, a freshman at cal again, i would procrastinate going over / attending the lecture notes / podcasts until DURING the exams!






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