what’s going on over at the NRA

the government is going into private houses in new orleans and confiscating citizens’ weapons. from everything that i understand the NRA to represent, they should be in court right now fighting this as fiercely as they possibly can. i have my own theory as to why they aren’t, but really, why are they keeping quiet?
thankfully, the private paramilitary organizations are being allowed to keep their weapons. and yes i am being sarcastic.






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  1. b Avatar

    > “i have my own theory as to why they aren’t…”

    It’s your blog, man. What’s your theory?

    By the way, what’s your source on this? I haven’t heard this anywhere else (yet).

    Do you know under what authority the mandatory evacuation is being conducted? I’d read (somewhere) that there is no local or state authority to declare martial law in New Orleans. Is there a federal order?

  2. b Avatar

    By the way, this may answer your question:


  3. eric Avatar

    ok well it looks like they are on the case. i guess my theory is that if the people whose guns were being confiscated were predominately white, then the NRA would have jumped all over the situation the second they caught wind of them.

  4. b Avatar

    They did “jump all over them the minute they caught wind” of it. Just like they did in Chicago in 1994 when Clinton/Reno/Cisneros decided that living in govt. subisdised housing meant sacrificing your constitutional rights to protection from warrentless searches (for drugs and firearms)…or when Oakland and SF tried to ban “junk guns” (i.e. inexpensive weapons that can be afforded by low income individuals)…etc…

    See: Guy Gugliotta, “Clinton Lets Police Raid Projects,” Washington Post, April 17, 1994, p. A1

    Kevin G. Salwen, “White House Allows Searches without Warrants in Public Housing,” Wall Street Journal, April 18, 1994.

    Clarence Page, “For CHA Residents, a Fight to Keep Their Constitutional Rights,” Chicago Tribune, April 13, 1994, p. 21

    “Gun Sweeps: No Model for Cities,” editorial, New York Times, April 20, 1994, p. A18.

    Robert L. Cottrol, “Gun Control Is Racist, Sexist
    & Classist,” American Enterprise, September–October
    1999, p. 60.

  5. b Avatar

    follow up info:


    Paraphrased: “The U.S. District Court of the Eastern District in Louisiana yesterday sided with gun rights groups and issued a restraining order to stop authorities from confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina… The federal court’s ruling came just one day after the NRA and the Second Amendment Foundation jointly filed a motion to halt the seizures of firearms from private citizens who are not breaking the law. “

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