i pulled everything off the boate last week and put it into the trunk of my car. all the tools, etc. someone just broke into a bunch of the cars in the parking lot of my building and liberated all that stuff from me. NICE!
UPDATE: berkeley PD is working in shifts to recover my toolbox, they have the whole detectives unit scouring the city for clues. JUST KIDDING. but they did take the report.






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  1. b Avatar

    did they grab my bike, too? if not, you may want to dress it up so that its not ignored next time.

  2. […] looking at new cars is a fast elevator ride to the deepest level of lifestyle-branded consumerism hell. especially in california, where so much of a statement is made by the type of car you drive. i could give a fuck, as evidenced by my loyalty to a car that i have no doubt conveys a certain “image”. in my youth, i would have, and did say, yeah get fucked with your opinions of me and my beater, it is the ideal ride for me. people don’t cut me off. i can leave the thing unlocked (although shit occasionally gets ripped off from INSIDE the car). sometimes i push a shopping cart at high velocity into the old golf when i am bored in a parking lot. this will all be a thing of the past if i get a new car. i am being led to believe that a new car will really “say something” about me. i am wondering if i have to take these considerations into account. there is the business of looking at new cars. the advice that comes along with the search. “you will, 100%, NEVER get laid in that car”. “dude, that’s not a 40 year old’s car”. “dependable and low maintance is NOT sexy” etc. all the “lifestyle” associations that i have managed to avoid over 21 years of the same old. the truth of the matter is that i am finding it hard to justify buying a splendiferous piece of german engineering that i have a feeling is going to spend a lot of quality time looking good next to the concrete pillars in my garage. i don’t commute. i’m not a huge fan of just cruising around (although i have to allow that i *might* be more inclined to with a new car). […]

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