ichat, au naturelle

this is the time of year, in what remains of the summer, where people often get caught in a state of partial undress when accepting ichat video invitations. people, for example, like me. today, i got a work-related vid request and accepted, only to realize that i was shirtless (i’ve been lifting weights, so i’m fuckin’ ripped, nuthin to be ashamed of). it was cool, i tilted the camera up a bit and started conversatin’. but, being me, i had to let the other person know, at which point he proceeded to call everyone in the office in to show them that i was hanging out talking business with nothing covering my luscious man-titties. i think it was better than still being in my pajamas, which i was wearing from my 5:30 AM katrina / stock exchange vigil until around 2 PM. warren buffett worked out of his living room in his pajamas for a few years, why shouldn’t i?
so my friend hit me back tonight, this time he and his wife were shirtless in front of the computer. i was busting up.






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  1. loomis Avatar

    i think you were right, you had NOTHING to be ashamed of….

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