chuck nagel ridicules bush

senator chuck nagel, leading republican foreign policy expert, is calling for real diplomatic engagement with iran, as opposed to the meaningless and empty saber-rattling threats that have been coming out of bush and the white house:

“Quite frankly, what is the military option, what are we talking about here? We lose credibility in the face of the world when we say things like, ‘Well just don’t forget what happened to Iraq could happen to you Iran. We could invade you, we could bomb you.’
“Oh come on now. First of all, where are we going to get the troops? Who’s going to go with us? Where are our partners going to be with Iran?”

if we fuck with iran, china’s largest oil supplier, we are fucking with beijng. hopefully the ultra-hawks in the white house are not so disconnected from reality that they think we can take on china. making ridiculous empty threats is one thing, but going forward with them is suicide. i’m not hopeful. the bush white house seems to regard diplomacy with contempt.






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  1. John Doering Avatar
    John Doering

    Chuck Nagel has completed abandoned his so called constituency and turned into a bought and paid for prostitute. He and McCain sound exactly the same on everything from illegal Mexicans to Iran. They seem to lean in whatever direction the population of illegal Mexicans is at the time they give their so called opinions. Big business and big farmers own them both. Nagel is talking about legalizing 50 million Mexicans and yet in many school systems more then 50% of the student population is children of illegal Mexicans. Exactly who does Chuck think is paying for this? McCain is worse. I actually recieved a reply from one of his staff who stated that 98% of all illegal Mexicans who enter teh United States enter for work and yet Time magazine, Sep. 20, 2004 stated openly that illegal Mexicans had turned the Arizona border with Mexico into a giant latrine. They also seem to have forgotten that 20% of all incarcerated felons in Arizona are illegal Mexicans. Iran, give me a break it is just like negotiating with North Korea, or doesn’t Nagel remember the Iranian hostage crisis. Leadership in the Senate is not something that is in short supply for teh most part it is non existent. Senators think about one thing and one thing only and that is how to further enrich themselves.

  2. Kathy Barner Avatar
    Kathy Barner

    Who is Senator Chuck Nagel?

  3. PVPeel Avatar

    I would respect the politicians on the Armed Services committee much more if they did their arguing in private and then announced their final decision.

    I think they are very phoney when they act like they are against sending more troops or trying to finish the fight to where the Iraq government can stand on their own before we leave.

    But then they really don’t do anything to block it, but just talk like they are against it in order to maybe be re-elected next time.

    If they would pass a law that we have to pull out, don’t approve funding etc, so be it, the ones that vote for it will have to live with it, but they don’t want that reputation or responsibility.

    Who ever is in power has to fight terrorist and go after them where ever they are, so they stay on the move and can’t organize to a great degree.

    Alqueda, is operating in around 60 countries I heard the other day.
    They want to kill all of us, republicans, democrats and what ever religon or color we may be.

  4. Max Avatar

    Senator Nagel’s criticism of the war and our commander in chief borders on treason, that is giving succor to the enemy. I though Republicans were supposed to be people of principles. I thought only the Democrats formulated policy based on opinion polls, which are simply surveys of unimformed people.

    As for diplomacy, it is not possible with Iran or with other countries led by despots. Do we really need to channel the ghost of Neville Chamberlain to remind us of his unwise decision?

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