nice one, dell

my new 2405FPW 24″ monitor crapped out on monday night, and by this morning i had a brand-new replacement. i called customer support on monday night, and they shipped out a new one the next morning, fed ex overnight. within 36 hours of my call. i have to admit, i am pleasantly surprised, and can say that i am once again a happy dell customer.
(my mom IMed me that i better say something nice on my blog about this. i am sure this is because she knows that if fed ex had NOT delivered a monitor this morning, i would have been SLAMMING them mercilessly right now. she’s right, you should praise good work as passionately as you criticize the subpar or negligent).






2 responses to “nice one, dell”

  1. Mr Ken Avatar

    very considerate message; however, the current #8 position for googlesearch:”dell 2405FPW ultrasharp” is titled “FUCKING FUCKBAGS OF FUCK” a la eric haller. feeling a little guilty for throwing that stone, eh? 😉

  2. Jondi Avatar

    maybe that’s *why* they shipped him a new monitor fed ex overnight

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