the struggle against global extremism starts at home

the global war on terror has been renamed the struggle against global extremism. maybe we should start by evaluating, for example, whether george bush advocating the teaching of creationism, (renamed “intelligent design”) is an extreme position. because to me, it is.
what is the theory behind intelligent design? i mean, what scientific basis does it claim? they realize that “the scripture says it is so” is not an acceptable empirical proof, right?






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  1. mom Avatar

    We can all find design faults in creation, so what does that say about the intelligence of the Intelligent Designer? Dinosaurs? Ooops that was a big mistake! Get out the cosmic eraser. Listen, after God created the Big Bang, She decided to kick back and leave it to evolution. If we can’t laugh about this nonsense, it’s not worth it. Besides, I think all of these emotional issues that the misty-eyed W brings up are highly calculated to take attention from the more pressing problems: Karl Rove, War in Iraq, Torture on his watch, problems at NASA…..etc………..So evole….That’ll show em!

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