flying kites and sailing

the berkeley kite festival is this weekend, and phil and i sailed the boate just off the marina breakwater to get an unparalelled view of the kites. it was as good a day as you get in the bay area, and for a while as we cruised along near angel island i dragged my hands along in the water off the stern, which would normally turn my fingers into little popsicles. not today, it was beautiful and inviting, and over at ayala cove lots of boaters were swimming, swinging from halyards over the water.
i made this photo into my desktop, click on the image to go over to flickr and download the large size of it if you want to do the same. it’s nice.
berkeley kite festival






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  1. gimaha Avatar

    Whoa! What a wonderful picture! That magenta topped blue kite that is just coming over the hill to the right looks like a monster. I assume that it is the same size as the others, but the angle of the photograph makes it look enormous. Looks like a great day.

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