speaking of accountability: karl rove

i wrote in my last post about corporate accountability, and this one is about political accountability. karl rove blew the cover of an undercover cia agent working on the weapons of mass distruction team, valerie plame, as political retribution for her husband’s discrediting george bush’s nigerian yellow cake uranium claims in his state of the union address.
whether this represents treason or not is for the courts to decide. what is certain is that there is a lot of stonewalling going on at pennsylvania avenue (video). these are very serious charges, and karl rove has now ADMITTED that he did it.
karl rove is known as the architect of george bush’s political career (that’s a link to the frontline documentary on rove, which you can watch online). he is largely responsible for everything about this administration that i disagree with. my desire to see him gone is understandable.
but if you are on the other side, HOW IN GOD’S NAME can anyone take the war on terrorism seriously if one of the highest ranking members of the administration has revealed top secret information about the war on terror OUT OF DIRTY POLITICAL SPITE?
the man needs to go. you can go here and send a letter to your representative saying as much.






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