answers about teflon, please

i would like to know the complete story behind the teflon/cancer research. today i ran across this article about a shareholder’s rights group attempting to get answers. why is dupont share value tanking? because wall street doesn’t have confidence that the company is being completely open in its disclosures about teflon, and this gives an uncertain outlook on liabilities.
i found the website for the coalition. duPont shareholders for fair value, and fired off an email to the lawyer heading up the group, throwing my name into the ring of shareholders who would like dupont to be more forthright with they know about the health and environmental consequences of exposure to teflon. there are already 438,000 shares represented, but the lawyer, sanford lewis, fired back an email within 15 minutes thanking me and saying that every bit helps.
shareholder groups putting pressure on companies to be better corporate citizens is hopefully an idea that will continue to grow. realizing that secrecy, cover-ups, and undisclosed settlements HURT the bottom line may help these corporate officers adopt more long-term. environmentally responsible strategies that bear in mind the fact public health includes that of the owners of the company, the shareholders.
or at least one can hope.






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