happy independence day

on this independence day, maybe we should think about reducing our DEPENDENCE on petroleum. biodiesel, fuel cells, solar, wind, are all workable alternatives to the vicious addiction this country has to gasoline. maybe it will take a serious shock to the system to help break it. in some ways i hope that it happens sooner than later. dependence on oil is the clearest, most present threat to our economy and our way of life, not terrorists, although it’s likely they will exploit this weakness in further attacks.
i bet these kids i saw last week in marksmanship training at point mugu naval air base would be a lot happier if they weren’t about to be shipped over to the middle east to defend oil pipelines. so too would the people they will be killing over there.
if it weren’t for oil, we wouldn’t be there. period.
marksmanship training






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  1. halle Avatar

    i couldn’t agree with you more e. eloquently stated…
    there’s one helluva surf break out there beyond the magu rifle range.

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