i used to always get “paranoid” whenever someone would cook in one of those teflon pans with the teflon peeling off the metal and into the food. or at least, i was accused of being paranoid. now, it looks like i was right. i bet they add teflon to the list of known carcinogens, along with other fun things like alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. i actually like my one good teflon pan, but i think i’ll stick (pun intended) to my stainless steel copperclads from now on. OH CRAP. this is going to impact the george forman grill i have. and my dupont stock.






3 responses to “teflon”

  1. Jondi Avatar

    fuck, i guess that’s my last teflon martini. next thing you know they’ll be saying asbestos cheese dip is bad for you.

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