back in ojai for the night

i drove my brother’s car up here today, loaded with my mom’s moving boxes, listening to 3 cds worth of jams and rough mixes i recorded at new bellevue last week. i threw a few clothes and a couple of cameras into a duffle bag and headed to LA for 3 days, over two weeks ago. i wound up installing doors and painting at my mom’s house, recording about 8 gigabytes worth of music in silverlake, buying a suit to go to a business meeting, assisting in some vehicle wheeling and dealing, and now i am ready to get home to my apartment and the boate.
when i got here today, i spent about half an hour standing under the peach and plum trees, their branches looking like they will snap under the weight of all the fruit. i grabbed piece after piece of luscious stone fruit and gorged myself. then i went for a long swim.
southern california has, without question, its appeal.






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  1. lou Avatar

    We’ve got 6 weeks left on our subscription. Nice places available in Topanga or there’s always The Hatteras

  2. gimaha Avatar

    Hey, you forgot to say thumbs up to Steve Yee and apologize for burning rubber on Daly Ranch Road.

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