change of pace

today i was painting some nice big 10-light doors (meaning they have ten individual panes of glass in them). you cut left with the brush, then cut right, then up, then down. over and over again. it’s semi-gloss white paint, which means you have to move pretty quickly, getting a uniform coat on with nice straight brush marks left in the paint. there is nothing worse than dragging the brush through semi that has tacked up a little, and watching it pull along like the skin on top of scalding milk.
it’s good, simple, mind-clearing work.
i didn’t know that ojai is the hometown of the bionic woman! and jee just pointed me to some more info on ojai.






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  1. gimaha Avatar

    Thanks for all the good work, e and b! Thank you Jee for all the information about Ojai. I hope that you will be able to visit me there.

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