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british finance minister gordon brown proposes selling off the gold reserves of the IMF to pay for writing off african debt. mark cuban makes the case for selling all the gold in fort knox. why is there such resistance to these proposals?
those blocks of bullion, sitting in vaults and costing who knows how much to safeguard, are doing what for the economy? if the world economy did truly collapse, does anyone believe that we would return to a gold standard for stability? no, i think that is the function of M-16s, helicopters, tanks, and planes. gold is just a commodity, albeit one with a long history of having served as currency, but still not terribly different than hording a bunch of aluminum or stainless in a scrap yard. am i missing something here? do gold reserves make sense these days?






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  1. citizenx Avatar

    heres MY proposal:

    NOTE: there is no gold at fort knox (turn off the goldfinger tape)
    what *little* gold reserves the U.S. had..and that of France,Belgium
    and Holland was smelted into ash on Sept.11th 2001 and removed
    by Marvin Bush’s salvage/demolition company and is now ???

    probably keeping all those gold teeth from Buchenwald company somewhere…….

    now my proposal.

    in the next few weeks we will see a big hoopla around the G8 summit
    in Gleneagles, Scotland..the main thrust of which will be the relief
    of African debt.
    cynic that i may be..i fear most of any monies collected by Sir Bob
    and Elton along with St.Bono will be gobbled by administrative costs
    and NEVER see the light of day in the deep dark congo.
    Instead..they should take the money (im gonna est. $40million)
    and pick an African where they have relationships
    with leaders..and then BUILD A WORKING COUNTRY as a
    globally televised *reality* show to trump ALL .
    Investors of all kinds could then be brought in..state of the art
    land use technologies could be implemented..all PROTECTED
    by the fact that is was being broadcast and watched by millions.
    A TEN YEAR MEDIA EVENT..setting a model for 21st century
    sustainability in the Global South..plenty of action and intrigue
    along the way..much more so than *fake* reality TV..imagine..

    THIS WEEK: Hutu rebels financed by the CIA disrupt the Chlorella
    harvest but are interdicted by Sir Eltons Pink Panthers!!!
    89 share baby!…89 share.

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