reality is a muse

this is kind of cool. almost 1,000 student movies from this year available online. i liked this one, this one, and this one. actually there are a lot of them that are cool up there. this is the first generation that will grow up being able to make movies and share them instantly with the world. i get the sense in watching some of these shorts that there will be a lot of movies out there that i will want to see: ones that don’t pander to a perceived audience, whose motivation is to get across an honest emotion, and without all the gimmickry of storytelling and imagery that comes out of recycling the same old schtick picture after picture.

i thought about this the other night when i went to see mark wexler’s bio of his father haskell. my dad and haskell worked a lot together, and i think they were pretty similar in their approaches to making movies.
a number of years ago i stayed with my father in new york for a few weeks. he was working with susan seidelman on “cookie”. one night we were having dinner together and we were talking about filmmaking, and my dad said that he was feeling somewhat alienated from the crew. whenever they were communicating about how something should look, they would reference other films. my father thought that it was indicative of why pictures weren’t as good any more. art imitating art just isn’t as true and honest and direct.

the title of the post comes from the first movie up there in my list. how are we going to find the time to watch all these flicks? we’ll watch them on our phones.






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