memorial day sail/haller broadcasting coming soon

mj has posted her pics from our memorial day sail. i haven’t gotten around to cutting the video. there is a serious backlog of pieces waiting to get edited on the 200 gig.
i have installed some new opensource software for videocasting on this website, but it is serious beta and has serious bugs (the php is spitting out some garbled bullshit urls in the download links). you can at least get a feel for what is coming. that said, the project, from the participatory culture foundation is something i am really very excited about right now. their vision for an integrated combination of publishing tools anchored by rss with enclosures coupled with a bittorrent desktop client player is really the smartest model going.
i think this answers my rhetorical question from a couple weeks back, about whether to break off a separate feed on my site for media. since rss with enclosures is content neutral, i can put all my songs in this area as well, and have a dedicated rocking and gawking syndication.






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