dissection of capitalism

i just finished watching capitalism & other kids’ stuff, a 49 minute movie that you absolutely should watch. i had just finished reading newsweek’s broad overview of the sea change occuring in TV, video, and the internet, and happened on a link to this movie on metafilter and downloaded the bittorrent.
the world today is based on a foregone assumption that capitalism is the natural order of things, that free markets are the most efficient means of distributing resources, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. if you are looking for dissenting opinions, you’ll likely have to do a lot of reading. you certainly won’t hear politicians or mainstream media EVER question this underlying assumption, and ALMOST NEVER in the form (video) that most people absorb their ideas from. seeing the well-reasoned argument in this short, opinions that will NEVER be broadcast by conventional media outlets, excites me about a future freed from the stranglehold of a handful of multinational media corporations. i spend most of my time thinking about entertainment of one form or another, and the most insidious serve solely as diversions from reality. i know, this has all been said before, none of it is new. you’ll please excuse me though, showing enthusiasm that things might change, especially on this day commemorating the men and women who have died in wars, the ultimate forum for resolving property disputes.






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