i have spent the better part of this afternoon moving files around, exporting videos to burn to DVD, pruning my itunes (NOT an elegant app for dealing with tons of songs), and going through my archive of songs in progress, and upgrading my logic audio to 7.1.
i have a 1gigahertz imac, and a G3 i am using as a file server, but i am starting to feel like i did when i recorded and mixed a whole album on a G3 desktop with a 6 gig harddrive in cubase: my shit is old and antiquated. especially when it comes time to export video, the number crunching required BEGS for a dual processor G5. and a couple of the software synths in logic just will not respond tastefully on this machine. i don’t even want to go into what a new box would do for my WoW framerate.
a mac hardware addiction is a crack binge with a much longer period of time between hits. i am feeling the burning desire.






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