friday afternoon guitar playing video

i finished some stuff i was working on this afternoon and decided i would try strumming something for the cam. i heard this radiohead song on the radio when i was in LA last week, and i remembered listening to it and getting all misty on at least one occasion years ago, so i thought i would play and sing it to see if i could get to the bottom of why it was so moving back then. i might need to use external microphones, the vocals didn’t really cut through the guitar. i just had a listen on headphones and the stereo separation sounds pretty cool.
picking AND grinning







5 responses to “friday afternoon guitar playing video”

  1. gimaha Avatar

    Without music
    Life would be a mistake


  2. Mr Ken Avatar

    is that the green meany on the right?

  3. eric Avatar

    no, that’s bret’s modulus bass. gibson sg is right behind me, and the strat, and my old yamaha acoustic/electric.

  4. Dave Hegarty Avatar

    Well done…Tough song, and you pulled it off.
    Great site.


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