the wilsonius institute

i went and saw my old friend anthony wilson play tonight at yoshi’s. on the car ride down, i was a little preoccupied because i spaced my vid cam at home, but i got over it and man, what a great show. i learned guitar playing in bands with wilson, and he is just so much better than any player out there. as a composer, he is just so fucking good, the songs have so much depth and complexity, yet the feel is always right there. wilson is just so outstandingly good. keep it up willy!
jesus, with a review that effusive coming out of my fingers, i might have to add that i drank hot chocolate at the gig, not a couple bottles of red wine…






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  1. Wilsonius Institute Avatar
    Wilsonius Institute

    Yo Babay!
    I loved seeing you again, however briefly! The hilarity never stops. If it ever does, we should just end things then and there! Love you bro. See you when I’m up there again later this summer.
    Your brother,

  2. eric Avatar

    yeah baby! get up here soon and let’s play some music and sail!

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