the citizen’s egg

i got to help solve a little puzzle tonight that reminded me slightly of the book the cuckoo’s egg. my friend citizen x came on messenger at around 1:30, telling me to check out his site. there was a large official-looking banner image in place of the regular blog, saying that the site had been shut down by the department of homeland defense for disseminating seditious material. cit x has been quite vocal in his disapproval of this administration, and for a minute i was apprehensive about logging onto the server to figure out what had happened. when, however, i saw that the name of the image was siteOWNED.jpg , i knew it was amateur hacker time.
it took me another 5 minutes to log onto the server, run through the access logs, and determine that the “hacking” had been done from citizen x’s own terminal, while he was out to dinner.
someone is going to be in trouble when a list of houseguests for last evening is provided to citizen x. then the mystery will truly be solved.






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