now, i’m going to nail this one on the head

i read fred wilson’s blog , and he occasionally posts really badly treadworn clich?©s. here’s one that has been bugging me over the last month: nailing something on the head. man, bloggers sure love to say “mr. opinionated crankypants over there on y’ really nails this one on the head” and then they make that nailing phrase the link, to emphasize how hard the head got nailed. i usually only use this expression, just as i do “hitting one out of the park”, when i am kidding around or being facetious.
what people mean to say, i think, is that they agree very strongly with the nailer, who already expressed it better. so, just say that. this could just be all me, but i have read that expression sooooooo many times in the last couple of months, followed the link and thought to myself, i have swung a few hammers in my day, and this bears NO resemblance to a clean hard hit on a 16d box nail.






9 responses to “now, i’m going to nail this one on the head”

  1. gimaha Avatar

    Check out Barletts quotations #132
    Seems they ave been hitten those nailes for a long tyme

    [ed. note: this is the link to mom’s commented quote]

  2. Toups Avatar

    You really hit the nail on the head with this post!

  3. Mr Ken Avatar

    Dude, you really “popped that zit”. A toast to that post.

  4. b Avatar

    Ok, after thinking about this for a couple of days, I believe that this is a reasonable expression. However, if we tweak it just a bit, it might be less offensive to your sensibilities. So, I submit that we change just one sentence part which doesn’t really alter the meaning, but adds variety. So, how about either:

    1) “Now, I’m going to nail Eric on the head”, or
    2) “Now, I’m going to nail this one in the ass”?

    The obvious combination of these two works for me, and I think I’ll incorporate it into my personal lexicon (and suggest that other do likewise):

    “Now, I’m going to nail Eric in the ass.”

  5. gimaha Avatar

    Eric, please edit your comment section A.S.A.P. Your have obviously picked up a debached responder who has absolutely no respect for you or for those who might be reading this blog. B, take your filth elsewhere.

  6. b Avatar

    Having had no intention of inciting ire in your readers, I hearby retract my previous suggestion. I will throw myself on your sword and suggest this alternative:

    “Now, I’m gong to nail b in the ass.”

    e, I hope to hear you and your readers using this expression frequently in the future.

  7. Jondi Avatar

    Isn’t the word “debauched”? Geez Eric, install a spell-checker in your comments section. We’ve got to uphold some standards here. 😉

  8. bret Avatar

    Ownay, Iway’may onggay otay ailnay bay inway ethay assway.

  9. Winnie Maron Avatar

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