playing hooky

yesterday phil kin and i decided that, having successfully reached hump day, we should spend the afternoon sailing (vid). we tied up at angel island and had sandwiches, then cruised over to tiburon and tied up there and had coffee. we were going to have a drink at sam’s on their deck looking over the dock where the boate was tied, but the waiter told us that we would have to sit elsewhere, as they were only serving dinner on the deck. (there were 30 empty tables). i think, but am not sure, this may have had something to do with my “drink and ditch” joke moments earlier. it would have been pretty tough for the waiter to catch us if we escaped on the boate, parked about 15 yards away from the table we wanted. but it was pure stupidity to shut down three thirsty boaters, in my opinion.
there was ONE other person on angel island that was not a park ranger. it was extra cool.







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