death from above

i just got an email from my brother that’s a little scary. i remember after the LA riots, we lived up in laurel canyon and the helicopters flew over all the time on the way from the city to the valley. they brought in military choppers then. looks like now they are there on a permanent basis, packing some serious heat!

I was just looking at the news on abc. They have a lot of promotions going on about how they now have a HD rig in their new helicopter.
ABC HD chopper
So … they cut to the new HD feed from the abc helicopter and it is following a Marines AH-1 Cobra Gun ship.

The dialogue went something like this:

And now we join ABC news chopper 1 reporting live from South Central Los Angeles.

Chopper feed: (Tight shot of a fully missiled up Cobra flying over S Central.)
Joe Blow reporting here with the new KABC HD camera aboard ABC news chopper 1. We are above S. Central LA showing you the great power of our new HD Camera. What we are looking at is a Marines Cobra Gunship followed by a Huey Cobra above South Central Los Angeles.

It looks like it has missiles on it.

Yes, it is fully missiled up, but don’t worry, this is just a routine round that these ‘copters make. It is nothing out of the ordinary. They are there every day.

Wow, it is amazing the detail that the new camera provides.






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  1. lou Avatar

    I flew out of Van Nuys this morning…taxied right past the ABC7 HD chopper in it’s hangar…all the other little now-neglected whirlies left out in the sun like rotting grapes. Hail Mark Cuban! Until he gets squashed.

    Funny that the pilot’s name is Scott Raif, THE SKY LORD.

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