this is getting exciting

apple released itunes 4.8 (mac and PC) today, and included support for video. if i had to make a guess, itunes 5 will be the rev. that brings a video-enabled ipod, your mac, and your tv all together for one massive party. and i would venture to say that in six months people will have caught onto the idea of vidcasts the same way that they did blogs and then podcasts.
in the meantime, i am trying to decide tonight how i want to implement a podcast/vidcast feed from this site. they are the same thing, and very simple, you just put the link of your audio or video files in between some enclosure tags. but i wonder if i want to break it out onto a separate page, or do it inline here on the blog. i think inline here on the blog might be a better idea. although i am thinking of doing another page with just songs and vids.

ACTUALLY, now that itunes supports video, and net news wire, my rss reader, already supports podcasts, (it will automatically add audio files in an rss feed to an itunes playlist if i check that box in the preferences…) then i wonder if the combination of the two are now a de facto video log aggregator? this bears further investigation. AND, in my ANT scripts folder there is an applescript to send files over to itunes. nice. things are coming together.
UPDATE: NOT YET. but they do have the music videos working pretty smoothly…check out this classic tune (warning, this link will open up itunes and start the vid cruising probably, so only do so if you are prepared for some serious stadium rock). and this one says fuck that old three chord rock, rock ONE chord. reminds me of the kids in the hall episode where bobby had a gutar fight with satan. is it just me or does most of the music being produced today by major labels suck shit?






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