vhere are ze papers?

may i please see your national ID card and RFID-equipped travelling papers please? passed as part of the emergency military spending bill yesterday.






6 responses to “vhere are ze papers?”

  1. caro Avatar

    Man, your site looks really screwed up on a PC.

  2. b Avatar

    they don’t ask for your papers if its RFID. they just herdyou past hidden readers (airport, mall, freeway, etc) and dump the data into a central tracking unit…

  3. halle Avatar

    side looks FINE on my pc a gateway pos w/ mozilla…

  4. halle Avatar

    ummmm, site. heh.

  5. b Avatar

    I can’t wait until Ginger grows up and I watch Hunt for Red October with her. She’ll wonder what it was like before you had to carry your Federal ID…

    Vasily: “And I will have a pickup truck… maybe even a recreational vehicle…and drive from state to state. Do they let you do that?”

    Ramius: “I suppose.”

    “No papers?”

    “No papers…state to state.”


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