sunday’s video

i have uploaded the video of yesterday’s sail to angel island. it also turns into an interesting comparison of compression formats, at least if you have the latest version of quicktime. if you are on a mac and have QT 7 installed, you can watch the vastly superior and smaller file-sized(7.5MB) H.264 version. if you are on a windows machine and have the latest version of QT for windows (6.5 as of this writing) you can check out the larger file-sized (8.6MB), smaller screen image MPEG-4 version. the music is a clip from a song i am working on. best listened to on HEADPHONES.







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  1. gimaha Avatar

    Choices, choices, and none of them work. Should I down load the new improved Quicktime for the $30, or should I just enjoy the music and salt away the money? McDonough sent me a video of his birthday bash, but I wasn’t able to check that out either. It is so frustrating to be out of the loop……….Did Bret send you the vid of Charlie in the pool? Now, that one I could play with no trouble. Perhaps, we should apply for aapl’s family upgrade? Feeling close to retirement!

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