loosey goosey

the boate had just cleared the breakwater this afternoon with jane and ryan and i aboard, when all of a sudden, like a shoulder popping out of socket, the boom separated from the gooseneck. the boom vang had loosened, allowing the boom to do what it pleased, and apparently it felt like it wanted a little time away from the mast. we lowered the main and motored over to the fuel dock, where we set things right again before cruising back out in some nice breeze ahead of a front blowing in. we made it back to the slip just as the first drop of rain landed on my head and ate sandwiches in the cabin with the space heater running.
gooseneck diagram






2 responses to “loosey goosey”

  1. loomis Avatar

    at least it did not hit you in the head

  2. ryan Avatar

    there’s nothing like a tasty roast beef sandwich after a few hours on the water, either. fun times, fun times…

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