eric paul ameer

i just found out that my friend eric ameer died yesterday. he and i went to school together, and were close friends, from kindergarten to senior year. we lost contact after college, and so hearing this has come as a complete and utter shock to me. i guess it was for everyone, as apparently he just dropped dead in the shower. i hung up the phone, after a few minutes it hit me and i cried for a while. this is a very sad day.






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  1. Scott Margolis Avatar

    Hi Eric. My Dad (Jerry) told me today. Can’t believe this. Do you know where in Mass he lived? I am in the Boston area.


  2. E. Randol Schoenberg Avatar

    Got the terrible news today, googled “Eric Ameer” and found your weblog. Hope you’ve recovered from the shock. We’ve lost more than our share of classmates. Glad to see you’re doing well.

    Randy (but also another “Eric”)

  3. Billy Jeffries Avatar
    Billy Jeffries

    So sorry to hear this tragic news :-(
    Hard to believe we are all getting to the age where stuff like this just happens. Seems like yesterday that are biggest problems were grades, girls and scoring beer. – Billy Jeffries

  4. Bart Aronson Avatar
    Bart Aronson

    I just had an Eric Haller moment: in an act of unprecedented good taste, a DC radio station was playing Tom Petty’s cover of Rainy Day Women, but I had to turn the volume down to field John Ameer’s phone call with the details on Eric’s memorial service (June 4, 2 p.m., Lexington MA). Thinking about the call, hopping on your blog, seeing a picture of you and your mom – I usually feel far from Dixie Canyon and the Ameer’s old house on Coldwater, but today it’s damn near yesterday. Hope that’s all reason enough to clutter up these pages. I’m thinking of you, old friend.

  5. Darrell Preston Avatar
    Darrell Preston

    Hello all of Eric’s friends. Eric taught me how to ebay, and play poker on-line, which was fast becoming his career due to his success and the foolishness of others. He lived in Seneca Falls NY with his his Mom who needed his assistance in life, and gave up his previous employment to meet her needs. His Mom’s friends, The class of ’58 at Mynderse Academy here in SF, has taken joint care (stop laughing) of her since his passing. A memorial service wil be held here in Seneca Falls on 6/12/05 for all of us who knew and loved him. Please feel free to send letters to his Mother, she would love to hear from you all. Inge Sorenson (his Dad is Ameer) 1984 Gravel Road Seneca Falls, NY 13148
    And remember, for those Fraternal Brothers, when you push Coke, sometimes life gives you a PBR! If your lucky.

  6. John Dion Avatar
    John Dion

    I knew Eric from Beloit College. He and I were in the same pledge class at the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. He truly was the best of us, a natural leader and a good friend.

    John Dion

  7. Berta Ingham Eddy Avatar
    Berta Ingham Eddy

    I knew Eric from Beloit College, as well. He showed me both the East and West coasts, taught me how to drive, took me to my first NBA game, made me watch “Casablanca,” walked me home from work in the late hours of the night, and shared a myriad of other experiences and memories with me. I’ll miss his warmth, his sharp incite on politics, his breadth of knowledge of history, his calming presence, and his contagious rolling laugh.

    I wish I had known about the June 4th memorial service, although I did attend the June 12th service. Other than his mother, the people of Seneca Falls didn’t seem to know him well, and that’s a shame. They missed out on an exceptional person…he was so much more than just the few lines a eulogy or this brief note can properly express, and I hope he knew how much he was valued and loved.


  8. Berta Ingham Eddy Avatar
    Berta Ingham Eddy

    make that “insight,” although at times his comments did incite, as well.

  9. Kevin Clough Avatar
    Kevin Clough

    I knew Eric from when he returned to Beloit…I think to finish up school. I was at Beloit from 87-93 (grad ’91). Eric showed up one day in some kind of an old mini-bus, and helped us on the fencing club. I knew little of him outside of fencing, but he was clearly a good person.

    Strange, but almost one week before I received the Beloit Magazine which mentioned his death, I spoke about him to my oldest daughter, Lauren, who is 7. Lauren was talking about what names mean, and mentioned that “Eric” means “king.” I told her that I had a friend from college, who must have been “King King,” because he had explained to me that Ameer meant “king.”

  10. Mollie Slomiak Avatar
    Mollie Slomiak

    im eric ameers neice and i will never forget him and still cant believe that he died from a sudden heart attack he will always be in my heart and i will never forget him..Reading all of these comments just makes him even a better person then he already was and still is.

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