never coming to the internet

i may be proven wrong on this, but i doubt it. technology is never going to bring sharing of smells to the internet, the strongest spark of memory (at least mine). it rained this afternoon, and as i walked up the street to the market, i was hit with an overwhelming number of deep memory-triggering smells. rain on pavement. jasmine. diesel exhaust. oranges. roses at the flower stand. wet earth and wood chips in the nursery. raspberries, blackberries, strawberries. a single cigarette smoked by the flower merchant alone in his parked car, and a whiff of pinetree air freshener. did i mention rain on asphalt on a mild spring day?
there were lots of other smells mixing together, pounding on my brain through the nasal membrane and shaking loose distant memories and feelings. the slapping flipflops on my heels colored everything too.
those are things we’ll not share electronically. moments that in an age of instant ubiquitous digital reproduction, remain uniquely…mine.






3 responses to “never coming to the internet”

  1. bret Avatar

    Why you gotta be hating on the internet?

  2. gimaha Avatar

    Don’t understand Bret’s comment. There was a play back in the 60’s called The Amen Corner. It was so cool because of the aromas that were used to bring the audience into the drama. Walking into the theater, the audience was greeted with this wonderful smell of baking corn bread. Don’t know exactly how they did it, but this scent was permeating the whole theater. Then there was a scene with night-blooming Jasmine. The aromas just transported and underscored the drama. It was so wonderful! But, then again, it was the 60’s. I think that the THX gang played around with the idea of using the concept in theaters. Maude used the idea in H. and M.

  3. bret Avatar

    “hating” is what the kids say these days, mom. like “dude”

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