browser funkiness

it sure seems like more and more sites are working in one browser and not the other again. this is a purely anecdotal observation, maybe things are actually getting better (no they aren’t). i thought the idea was to move TOWARDS standards so that this would STOP happening. i know this is nothing new, but it seemed like things got better for a little while at least. maybe it’s just that i’ve been surfing more lately.






3 responses to “browser funkiness”

  1. t Avatar

    what browser are u mostly using these days?

  2. eric Avatar

    mostly firefox, some safari, occasionally IE.

  3. b Avatar

    “i thought the idea was to move TOWARDS standards…”

    That’s the consumer’s ideal. That’s not MS’s idea. The basic premise of that statement is in direct contradiction with their market dominance strategies.

    You didn’t really think MS felt/feels that way did you? If not, then you should understand that its not getting better because they’re fighting to make sure that it gets worse (unless you’re a 100% MS shop).

    How many times have I heard improperly attributed fault in a statement similar to 1) blame the non-MS browser: “firefox can’t render it: firefox sucks,” or 2) blame the non-MS compliant site: “that site won’t even render in IE, that site sucks.”? Too many times.

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