bum fights…now with people i KNOW!

some of my friends down in LA are demonstrating the true value of the democratization of video by having impromptu boxing matches on camera. the two pugilists, doug mann and booger, are LA musicians who, if i remember correctly, are NOT each other’s biggest fans. watching them smack each other around tony’s silverlake recording studio, you can really feel the six or seven years of pent up admiration! who said punk is dead?






3 responses to “bum fights…now with people i KNOW!”

  1. Mr Ken Avatar

    surprise ending! love the way the cameraman (i.e. the drunk bloke holding the vid cam) is all concerned about the furniture.

  2. loomis Avatar

    that is, without a doubt, the most boring piece of video i have ever watched. you have wasted moments of my life that i will never get back.

  3. halle Avatar

    My money was on the guy with the longer arms but my heart was with Mann. Oh the humanity! Way to take a pounding Doug.

    “Watch out for the glass table.” Nice commentary Pete.

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