mac google video uploads

i don’t know, it’s very late, i’m very tired, but i sure did not see a mac version of the video uploader for google video uploads. otherwise, everyone could be watching clips of me singing songs on the boate last sunday that i shot but can’t seem to upload onto ourmedia. i shot some footage of me in bumper to bumper LA traffic this morning as well, that ought to be excruciatingly exciting, and of immediate interest once i get it onto the web.
i wish that i had gotten some footage of the bart employee rescuing my fouled anchor ring from between the train tracks tonight, (it just flew off my finger and out onto the tracks) but they are pretty sensitive about video and trains these days. i also wish that i had some footage of the toyota corolla rental car that arbitrarily and inexplicably locked me out of itself this morning in van nuys (complete with the keys in the ignition and the car running…) but the camera was locked in the car as well. i still don’t understand what “feature” of a vehicle should lock the doors when you are outside the car…






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