one of the first things i read this morning was robert scoble talking about why some “opinion” sites are included in google news results and some aren’t.
how about the Voice of America “informational service” that for a while was popping to the top of almost every one of my google news searches? “… Section 501 of the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 prohibits VOA from broadcasting into the United States…” (from their FAQS).
now, i am a little conflicted here because i like the VOA showing up in my news search results. i can read between the lines, and it’s always informative to see the official spin on news. but there are plenty of people who do NOT read between the lines, and will be in the position of consuming official propoganda domestically, which is a potentially dangerous thing, and at least against the spirit of the law (the internet is not a broadcast medium).






2 responses to “VOA…again”

  1. Bruce Avatar

    I’m a writer at VOA. There is NO official spin at VOA. The State Dept. cuts my paycheck, but they have zero to say about what we write or how we write it. I sometimes wish the Bush administration would try to spin our news just to see some of my co-worker’s heads explode.

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