i got slapped by the boom today as we were leaving the marina. i had loosened the main sheet and was standing up and the sail started luffing a bit and whack! there was some blood involved. i took lou, marsha, astrid and ben out for what turned out to be a short sail. it was ben’s first time on a boat, and there were some swells and good wind that conspired to make him a little cranky. so we turned around and had lunch in the marina, where it was calm and relaxing. then i took them to sam wo for dinner, then went over to the four seasons and hung out talking with astrid over berries and coffee. i’m pretty tired, but i might check out the toshiba (yes, windows) laptop astrid gave me tonight.
ben and the boate






3 responses to “smack”

  1. bret Avatar

    Nice picture. That ‘lil dude cracks me up.

  2. gimaha Avatar

    I love Ben.
    How’s the old noggin this morning? Did you have a first aid kit available?

  3. eric Avatar

    yes mom, in fact the first aid kit you gave me came in quite handy for cleaning and bandaging my forehead! thanks!

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