sinker, meet floater

two days ago, general motors stock dropped 19%. today, they announce that they’re putting an input plug for what is arguably the current most popular consumer product fad, the ipod, into their new cars. i’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but nevertheless it sure smells like desperation over there.
they are in trouble largely because of “negative growth” in sales of s.u.v.s like the suburbun and cadillac escalade. i know several people who own both brands of these automobiles, so if you are one of them, try not to take this next statement personally…IT’S ABOUT TIME. that whole market of vehicles represents a class of products that are grossly irresponsible in so many ways. an initial exploitation of a loophole in laws governing light trucks and subsequent fierce lobbying enabled the big american car makers to enjoy protectionist tariffs and little or no regulation concerning mileage, emissions, or safety.
if you or someone you love has a petroleum addiction, please, please get help somewhere. i mean, gas is as expensive as crack these days, especially if you’re riding high up off the ground, with a commanding view of the road, POURING FUEL ONTO THE HIGHWAY.






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    Are the trees hugging you back yet?

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