movies and an update

i saw three movies this week that i can recommend, (and i am a very harsh critic) thanks to mai and naata. the first one i saw tonight purely blew me out of the water, so much so that i very nearly left the pacific film archive to go home and just sit quietly.
it was turtles can fly, shot in kurdish northern iraq, and starring non-actor local children. i’ll let the reader follow the link for a description of the film, adding just this as my personal review: it is the most powerful work of art that i have seen in a long time.
i nearly left, as i mentioned, because i knew it was not going to be possible for any film to affect me much after having seen the first, but i am glad that i stayed to see dumplings because it was interesting for different reasons, more of a visual and intellectual piece. bai ling was there to talk up the film, and she was actually refreshingly unlike most actors “discussing their craft”.
this may sound strange, but i just deleted a whole paragraph about that movie. read the synopsis on the page linked above, and you will understand. i just realized that i absolutely DO NOT want my site popping up on google searches for some of those words. in any case, it was a good-looking and well-done film.
last thursday i saw saving face, which i thought was really good as well.
last night i went to souris and silvio‘s party at lulu’s, and had a rocking good time.
and…i have been forgoing sailing in order to work more on songs. i have been restricting my hours of warcraft (never before 5 p.m., where have i heard that before), and going out on daily bike rides with my camera and notebook. central america is looking less like a sure-thing and more like a maybe. my mom is preparing to retire from teaching and take up blogging.
ok this post is done.






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