i ran across this somewhat foreign term just now, in the context of an article about Microsoft Office Communicator 2005. (just the description and the names of the new microsoft communication suites in that article made me sour). instant messenger spam? i have had only a few IMs from people i didn’t know. they have all been like the guy and his family in kansas city yesterday who did a google search for iChat vid, found one of my posts about it, and hit me to test out their new isight cam. which is just purely cool in my book.
but spim? i sure hope that they DON’T integrate the new microsoft IM service with AOL/iChat. spim sounds like the biggest fucking drag of all time. just when IM has conveniently replaced most of my email conversations, the threat of telemarketers IMing me to ask if they have called at a bad time looms on the horizon to murky up the signal.






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