going mobile

last night i went over to club lamia for the second night in a row. thursday i was there to install logic on mj‘s powerbook, and wound up singing karaoke until closing. last night i went over and recorded the locus arts show, using the aformentioned logic installation on mj’s computer. left of zed, pidgeon, and the skyflakes played. it was a good show, and i think we may have stumbled on a cool model for the music company that jane, mj, and i have been talking about for the past couple months. i remember there was some company that recorded live shows and then had the file ready at the end of the show for download onto some proprietary usb device that had some impossibly lame drm scheme associated with it. or something like that. my memory of it was that it didn’t sound user friendly at all.
we’re going to record live shows and make them available as podcasts. i think it could be a rocking idea, and a lot of fun. i know of a few readers who are going to be pissed that we didn’t have this idea before my last solo acoustic show. think of it this way: from now on, you won’t miss another show. how cool is that?
the weather has taken a turn for the better, which is good because tomorrow we’re going for sailing and dim sum, and transferring last night’s audio files from the laptop to my computer for a little sweetening and mp3 export. what i listened to on the headphones last night sounded really good, i am pretty excited to have a listen in a quiet environment.






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