6 random thoughts

1. i logged into myspace tonight for the first time in a long while to read this stock trader’s blog. i put a photo up a while ago, to be rated on a one to ten scale. my average, with 34 people voting, is a (6.4). i am not really sure what to think about that number. i think i’m just psyched that it’s not below 5. when i have taken those surveys in the past, i have been pretty charitable in my ratings, very sensitive to the fact that somewhere, someone is going to look at their results and cry.
2. asparagus should be cooked about 3 minutes and then served with just lemon juice squeezed over the top.
3. i watched supersize me today. it was pretty entertaining.
4. i have not made ice cream since thanksgiving. tonight i broke that slump. it seems a bit of a non-sequiter to my movie choice.
5. trader joe’s irish cheddar is really, really good.
6. property in central america is not as cheap as it was a couple years ago.






2 responses to “6 random thoughts”

  1. mai Avatar

    you could do what i hear some do in puerto rico (yes i know that pr is not central america, but i’m using it as a model). they “claim” property that is on national park land and they bulldoze, then they build. no permits, nothing. sure one day they might come home to find a pile of rubble where once their house was, but until then -score!

  2. gimaha Avatar

    Pretty random! You don’t sound like your old self in the last two blogs. Perhaps a change of scenery is in order. The cabinets in the kitchen in Ojai need painting and the blow-up beds are ready. The vegetable garden needs to be planted. Time for a working and woking vacation?

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