the maoist game review

i ran across a link to a maoist game review page when reading maciej’s blog (i think i met him in #joiito irc channel). i actually enjoyed reading some of these reviews, and especially this bit on the index page:

This billboard for a videogame up at Fort Bragg in North Carolina proves MIM’s point that video games are not politically neutral. Brainwashed by militarism, bored people take up countless militarist games and real world killing just for excitement. Even pornography video games are not as popular. If people had more social control of their lives instead of just the illusion of “freedom,” they would not be playing so many games like this one. Under capitalism, game-makers produce what is profitable. Under the joint dictatorship of the proletariat of the oppressed nations over imperialism, games glorifying Uncle $am will be history and game-makers will flourish without having to cater to mindless sex and violence.

that sounds exciting! i can hardly wait! curiously, it looks to me like the maoist international movement is really just out to make a buck (i.e. amazon affiliate links) like all the other decadent bourgeoise capitalist whores out there. which reminds me, if you get a chance go check out the google ads over on the boate! they are extra-clickable! i put them on there a few months ago as an experiment and i think i have made about $3 so far. the new internet gold rush!!! blogs as a cash flow!
UPDATE: this is what happens when you don’t read your rss feeds for a few days. you lose track of the fact that other people, such as gga and mefi have already covered things better than you can. best to stick to things that only i know, like MY NEW REFRIGERATOR IS WHISPER QUIET, AND IT IS KEEPING EVERYTHING IN IT EXCEEDINGLY COLD!






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