i went on a spree

i went to see the polyphonic spree at bimbo’s tonight. i have been listening to “together we’re heavy” for a while now, i missed them the last time they were in town, at slim’s, and i am glad i did. bimbo’s is a PERFECT venue for the band, with all the 1930’s mermaid paintings and red booths, the tassled canopies above the bars…tonight’s performance was part of noise pop, and was the last show they’re playing for a while before they go on hiatus. the show was pretty incredibly good. talk about a variety of instruments! 20+ musicians. it reminded me of high school, when my music teacher, jerry margolis (scroll down on that page) used to make me play whatever instrument noone else could or would. i played drums in a couple musicals that were the same style as the spree. tympani. tubular bells. glockenspiel. i usually got the harp charts and played them on a fender rhodes. claves. castanets. synthesizers. and a lot of other stuff.
anyhow, the show ripped.






2 responses to “i went on a spree”

  1. loomis Avatar

    Margolis is looking more and more like Garcia. And you’re right, the Spree jams.

  2. gimaha Avatar

    Those Jerrys do look alike! The Spree has an amazing site….the music is fine. Now, why haven’t we heard anything here about Gonzo? Nary a mention. Did you know he is going to be shot out of a cannon? The Gonzo send off….Coming on the heels of a call from Gatz, it sounded like shades of Richard.

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