up to my neck in it

remember how i was bemoaning the fact that i couldn’t become immersed in the latest myst game? i am not having that problem WHATSOEVER with world of warcraft. maybe i’ll write about it tomorrow, right now i just got out of the shower, clean pajamas are on, and i am ready to settle into another marathon session.






3 responses to “up to my neck in it”

  1. souris Avatar

    which server are you on and which character are you playing?

  2. eric Avatar

    i’m on the thunderlord PvP server playing a night elf hunter called Il Guernica, and i have a pet sabre named guernicita.

  3. bret Avatar

    hey eric. you getting my email? i sent you some and one to forward to mom and have not heard back from either of you. anyway if you haven’t gotten it for some reason all is well here in mexico. if you have gotten it … thanks for the response .. i hope you had a hell of a piss, arnold.

    did you send the check to the guy with toyota parts?

    delete this from yer blog if you would like after you read it. i have no idea if my spam filters are killing emails you or mom are sending me because i am on a hotel computer, not mine.

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